Here are the results from the past two weeks (sorry for not getting them up earlier):

Week 11: Jeff 45 (8-2), Jared 43 (8-2), Spears 41 (8-2), Mao 41 (8-2), Shuler 37 (7-3), Trey 33 (6-4)

Week 12: Trey 55 (10-0), Jared 41 (8-2), Shuler 33 (8-2), Mao 33 (8-2), Spears 29 (7-3), Jeff 29 (6-4)

Final Standings

Trey – 384

Shuler – 352

Jeff – 340

Jared – 326

Mao – 326

Spears – 281

A perfect final week (sorry I never got around to doing picks for week 13) sealed the victory for me. Meanwhile Jared finished strong, tying Michael for fourth. Thanks everybody for playing and note that we’ll add the scores from the bowl games to these regular season scores so that we’ll have a regular season winner (me), a bowl games winner, and a cumulative winner.

On to the bowl picks.

If you are new to this or just forgot, here’s how it works. In the comment section you pick a winner for every single bowl game (just copy the list and paste it in the comments and then delete the presumed loser). Once you’ve got a winner for the bowl game assign a bet of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 to it. If you picked correctly, you get however many points you bet on it. If you picked incorrectly, you lose those points.

Simple right. Just copy and paste, pick a winner and then make a wager of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. You have until noon Saturday to get your picks in. Here are the bowls (and there are a lot of them because college football has been corrupted by greed and only cares about money … ie the TicketCity Bowl, Cam Newton, et all)

New Mexico: BYU v UTEP

Humanitarian: Northern Illinois v Fresno St

New Orleans: Ohio v Troy

St Petersburg: Southern Miss v Louisville

Las Vegas: Utah (19) v Boise St (10)

Poinsettia: Navy v San Diego St

Hawaii: Hawaii (24) v Tulsa

Little Caesars: Florida International v Toledo

Independence: Air Force v Georgia Tech

Champs Sports: West Virginia (22) v NC State

Insight: Missouri (12) v Iowa

Military: East Carolina v Maryland

Texas: Illinois v Baylor

Alamo: Oklahoma St (14) v Arizona

Armed Forces: Army v Southern Methodist

New Era Pinstripes???: Kansas St v Syracuse

Music City: unc v Tennessee

Holiday: Nebraska (18) v Washington

Car Care: Clemson v South Florida

Sun: Notre Dame v Miami

Liberty: Georgia v UCF (25)

Chick-fil-a (Peach): South Carolina (20) v Florida St (23)

Ticketcity???: Northwestern v Texas Tech

Capital One: Alabama (16) v Michigan St (9)

Outback: Florida v Penn State

Gator: Mississippi St (21) v Michigan

Rose: Wisconsin (5) v TCU (3)

Fiesta: UConn v Oklahoma (7)

Orange: Stanford (4) v Virginia Tech (13)

Sugar: Ohio St (6) v Arkansas (8)

GoDaddy???: Middle Tennessee St v Miami of Ohio

Cotton: LSU (11) v Texas A&M (17)

Compass: Pittsburgh v Kentucky

Hunger Fight???: Nevada (15) v Boston College

BCS “Championship”: Oregon (2) v Auburn (1)


TCCFP: Week 12

Sorry for the delay in posting this. I’ve been busy and Duke’s loss last week was gut wrenching (4rth and goal at the 3, a TD wins it, ball is batted down at the line). Last week’s scores and cumulative totals will be added later. Please make sure to make your picks despite my tardiness because this is a good week with two games being played in baseball stadiums (though I not 100% on board with Northwestern playing at Wrigley).

Our Teams

Duke @ Georgia Tech

Clemson @ Wake Forest

Virginia Tech (16) @ Miami (24) – go back to the Big East

Tennessee @ Vanderbilt

College GameDay Game

Illinois v Northwestern – played at Wrigley Field


Army v Notre Dame – played at new Yankee Stadium

Ohio St (9) @ Iowa (20)

Arkansas (13) @ Miss St (21)

Nebraska (8) @ Texas A&M (19)

Stanford (6) @ Cal

TCCFP: Week Bobby Hurley (11)

Sorry for the delay in this post, I’ll explain later. For now, though, we just suffered the worst week of picks EVER. That was a hard week (and again I apologize for leaving Oregon of the list, it was an oversight on my part). No one had LSU and only Jeff and myself picked Duke and possibly as a result of picking Duke on the precipice of basketball season Jeff and I were rewarded with good karma while everyone else got hammered.

Last week’s results: Jeff 25 (7-3), Trey 21 (7-3), Shuler 3 (6-4), Spears -9 (6-4), Jared -9 (4-6), Mao -19 (3-7)


Trey – 296

Shuler – 282

Jeff – 266

Mao – 252

Jared – 242

Spears – 211

Ok, this week I was very busy and I also wanted to include the Auburn game versus Georgia due to the whole Cam Newton thing. However, it is pretty clear that his dad is a sketch ball so his future is in doubt. It looks like he’ll play Saturday but Vegas actually took the game off the board. So I axed that game because if you make your picks and then he can’t play that sucks. Also why pick a game you can’t bet on? Anyway, better luck this week with your picks.

Our Teams

Boston College @ Duke

Miami @ Georgia Tech

Ole Miss @ Tennessee – they’ll always be the Rebels to me

Virginia Tech (20) @ unc – grudge match from last year

Oregon (1) @ California – I didn’t forget them this weekend

Clemson @ Florida St – remember the Bowdon Bowls?

College GameDay Game

Penn St @ Ohio St (9) – snoozefest


Kansas St (24) @ Missouri (17)

Mississippi St (19) @ Alabama (12)

South Carolina (23) @ Florida (22) – SEC east is on the line

A crazy week of football picks. Spears, who has missed two weeks, finally picked some games and managed to get 10 through 7 correct while missing 6 through 1. As it turns out that arrangement nets you 13 points, which was better than poor Jared or Jeff. Meanwhile Mao was the big winner and jumped up to third.

Last week’s results: Mao 39 (7-3), Trey 15 (7-3), Shuler 15 (6-4), Spears 13 (4-6), Jared 5 (5-5), Jeff 1 (6-4)


Shuler – 279

Trey – 275

Mao – 271

Jared – 251

Jeff – 241

Spears – 220

As we get into this week’s games you’ll notice that I didn’t include GT @ VT even though it includes two ‘favorite teams’ because it is on Thursday. Sorry about that. Nevertheless, the slate of games is really good and, just like last week, hard to pick so I’m sure someone will pull a Mao and rack up huge points while everyone else just escapes with a middling score.

Our Teams

Virginia @ Duke

NC State (25) @ Clemson – the traditional Textile Bowl

Tennessee @ Memphis

College GameDay Game

TCU (3) @ Utah (5) – wouldn’t this be a great playoff game?


Air Force @ Army

Baylor (21) @ Oklahoma St (17)

Arkansas (18) @ South Carolina (19)

Alabama (6) @ LSU (10) – God bless the SEC because this game is not to be missed

Arizona (15) @ Stanford (13) – will decide second place in the perennially overrated Pac10

Northwestern @ Penn St – you laugh but this features a 6-2 team versus a 5-3 team in what must be the first ever meeting between the two where Northwestern is the team with the better record

TCCFP: Week 9

Rough week for everybody. No one picked Missouri or Navy and the scores were generally low. Shuler has retaken the overall lead, Jeff gained ground on the top three, and Spears didn’t pick so got half the lowest score added to her overall total (6pts).

Last week’s results: Shuler 23 (7-3), Jeff 19 (6-4), Trey 17 (5-5), Mao 15 (5-5), Jared 13 (6-4)


Shuler – 264

Trey – 260

Jared – 246

Jeff – 240

Mao – 232

Spears – 207

This week’s games aren’t as good as last weekend, but I’ve tried to make it more difficult by including ranked teams that are playing on the road. Here it goes:

Our Teams

Clemson @ Boston College

Tennessee @ South Carolina (20)

Duke @ Navy – at least we had a bye week to prepare for this one

College GameDay

Oregon (2) @ USC – if a school gets caught cheating and punished, shouldn’t part of the punishment be not being allowed to host College GameDay?


Michigan St (5) @ Iowa (18) – undefeated team on the road #1

Missouri (6) @ Nebraska (14) – undefeated team on the road #2

Florida v Georgia – the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party

Auburn (1) @ Ole Miss – undefeated team on the road #3

Baylor (25) @ Texas

Stanford (13) @ Washington

TCCFP: Week 8

Yes! Ohio St is out of the national championship picture! Unfortunately the God-less BCS computers (also known as Skynet) somehow rank LSU number 1 in 4 of their tabulations. Absurd.

Last week’s results: Jared 25 (6-4), Trey 19 (6-4), Shuler 19 (5-5), Jeff 17 (6-4), Mao 13 (6-4), Spears 5 (5-5)


Trey – 243

Shuler – 241

Jared – 233

Jeff – 221

Mao – 217

Spears – 201

Two straight weekly wins for Jared. Guy was in last place and now he’s right in the mix. Well, really everybody is in the mix because this week is full of 50/50 games that will ensure a wide variety in scores when all is said and done. Note that I didn’t include Oregon against UCLA because the game is on Thursday or Friday or something. Also note that I went a very cost effective 2-1 on my bets last weekend. Free quality gambling advice, you’re welcome.

Our Teams

Duke @ Virginia Tech (25) – how is VT ranked? They lost to James Madison at home and haven’t beaten anyone good.

Georgia Tech @ Clemson – GT should be ranked at 25 instead of VT

Alabama (8) @ Tennessee

College Game Day Game

Oklahoma (1) @ Missouri (11) – apparently Chad Forde went to Mizzou, so I’ll pick the Sooners


LSU (6) @ Auburn (4) – best game of the weekend

Wisconsin (13) @ Iowa (15)

Nebraska (16) @ Oklahoma St (14)

Notre Dame v Navy – game is a neutral site, New Meadowlands Stadium (why?)

Michigan St (7) @ Northwestern

Kansas St (22) @ Baylor – I’m not sure why I included this game, but there’s nothing better to replace it with

Game 1 he blows a call at second base that leads to the only run of the game and costs the Braves a chance to win. Game 2 he blows a call at first base and gets Bobby Cox ejected. Game 3 he has a strike zone that was about a foot outside. What a dick that guy is. Former Royals manager Trey Hillman once spit in his eye so I’m consoled a little by the fact that at least someone named Trey spit in his face.


Last week results: Jared 29 (6-4), Spears 23 (7-3), Trey 19 (6-4), Jeff 11 (5-5), Shuler 11 (5-5), Mao 1 (4-6)

Obviously Jared was the big winner and only he and Jeff picked South Carolina so well done them and well done to Spears who correctly hit on LSU.


Trey – 224

Shuler – 222

Jared – 208

Jeff – 204

Mao – 204

Spears – 196

Everyone is bunched up so should be a good middle third of the season. However, this week’s games are awful. Seriously, no one is playing good games this week so there are a grand total of 2 interesting games. Enjoy trying to pick out winners for this crap-fest. Oregon and Tennessee have byes this week.

Our Teams

Maryland @ Clemson – I wouldn’t watch this even if it were a basketball game

Miami @ Duke

Middle Tennessee St @ Georgia Tech

Wake Forest @ Virginia Tech

College Gameday Game

Ohio St (1) @ Wisconsin (18) – someone beat Ohio St and get it over with


Arkansas (12) @ Auburn (7) – this is the only other good game

Oregon St (24) @ Washington

NC State @ East Carolina

South Carolina (10) @ Kentucky – possible let down game

Air Force (23) @ San Diego St – honestly, this is the worst 10 games in the history of TCCFP